18 Jan 2021

The Importance of a Strong Telecom System to Support Your Business Needs

In today’s world, internet access is considered a basic necessity for most businesses— and Energy and Utility companies are no exception. The problem? These companies are often operating from a remote rig site that is hundreds (or even thousands) of miles away from the nearest urban center.

What does this mean for their connectivity? More often than not, it means starting from scratch. In some cases, basic communication equipment is left behind by a construction crew, but it is rarely capable of meeting the current and future needs of the company.


01 Oct 2020

How Planning Your Engineering Projects Today Can Benefit Your Budget Tomorrow

Businesses across all industries have been forced to evaluate their priorities and be more cautious with their financial budgets in 2020— and the energy and utility sector is no exception.

Oil and gas, petrochemical, mining and electrical companies are all reassessing their immediate and future needs in an effort to remain viable in the wake of COVID-19.


01 Aug 2020

Finding the Right Engineering Firm for Your Control System Migration Project

Control system migrations are a major undertaking. And as such, they need to be executed by highly-knowledgeable and specialized engineers.

In our last blog post, The Importance of Migrating Legacy Systems to Modern Solutions, we discussed the various risks associated with relying on outdated control systems, as well as the benefits that come with proactive maintenance and upgrades.


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