Energy  Efficiency
Waste  Reduction

Environmentally sustainable long term solutions to societies need for energy.


Energreen Solutions is a Project Management company that develops projects with access to qualified Multi-discipline engineering professionals through an authorized affiliate, Orion Projects Inc.

Oil & Gas

  • Waste heat to power ORC (organic Rankin cycle) skid mounted mobile and modular equipment.
  • Water treatment and water conservation equipment and solutions.
  • Waste reduction concepts and products to limit trucking of waste off-site to third party processors or landfills.

Off Grid Communities

  • Waste heat to power small scale ORC (organic Rankin cycle) mobile and modular equipment packages (30kW – 65kW) to run in series or parallel.
  • Distributed heat equipment, small scale wind power and battery systems.
  • A full EPCM approach to projects including financing.

Mines and Minerals

  • Waste heat to power ORC packaged and modular equipment; distributed heat equipment and wind power equipment to reduce power costs for these remote mining locations.
  • Water treatment and water conservation equipment solutions.
  • A full EPCM approach to projects.
Professional Consultancy

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A Glimpse into Future

Canada’s economy continues to outperform those of most other industrialized countries. Driving this remarkable performance are a series of competitive advantages, such as low business costs and corporate tax rates, ready access to markets, a highly skilled and educated workforce, strong public support for R&D and stable, robust financial institutions.

The development of clean technologies is a priority for all levels of government in Canada, at the federal, provincial, territorial and regional levels. 

Canada has the third-largest renewable energy capacity in the world. Renewable sources generate:

1 %
total primary energy supply
1 %
total electricity capacity

The US, the world’s largest electricity consumer, is Canada’s primary trading partner. Canada is the

0 th
largest consumer of electricity in the world

Between the year of
2003 and 2011

foreign companies established greenfield projects in Canada's renewable energy sector.

The Government of Canada has set a goal of generating

0 %
of Canada's electricity from zero-emitting sources by 2020.
Energreen Solutions Corp. does not directly offer or supply engineering services.
All engineering services are provided through an authorized affiliate, Orion Projects Inc.