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01 Aug 2020

Finding the Right Engineering Firm for Your Control System Migration Project

Control system migrations are a major undertaking. And as such, they need to be executed by highly-knowledgeable and specialized engineers.

In our last blog post, The Importance of Migrating Legacy Systems to Modern Solutions, we discussed the various risks associated with relying on outdated control systems, as well as the benefits that come with proactive maintenance and upgrades.


07 Jul 2020

The Importance of Migrating Legacy Systems to Modern Solutions

There are many situations where the phrase “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it” can be applied. Unfortunately, maintaining engineered control systems is not one of those situations.

Many oil and gas, communications, utilities and manufacturing companies (among others), require control systems to operate efficiently and meet corporate objectives. Thus, when a system becomes outdated, begins to malfunction, or becomes obsolete, it can be a major concern.

In today’s post, we’ll be discussing some of the risks associated with relying on legacy systems for too long and highlighting the benefits of taking a proactive approach to control system migration.

Let’s get started.


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