06 Jun 2020

Catch Engineering Announces Project with Exergy

June 6, 2020, Calgary, Alta. – It is during challenging times that Albertan’s greatest capabilities and innovative ideas come to life – and the strongest community bonds are shown. Catch Engineering is proud to be part of this innovative project with Exergy and other Albertan companies to make a positive impact for all Albertan’s during the COVID-19 pandemic.

While Exergy was in the process of developing a ventilator for Alberta Health Services, they needed the support of an Electrical and Software Engineer and Jason George of Catch Engineering was a perfect match. In under six short weeks, the project grew rapidly. It established a network of professionals, including engineers and technologists from Alberta and British Columbia, each contributing their own unique expertise critical to the project’s success. Jason George supervised the electrical and software engineering of the device and engaged additional Catch team members for device certification. In the end, the team developed the first Canadian-designed emergency ventilator approved by Health Canada.

“This was our way of making a positive impact in very challenging times. It is never easy seeing someone on a ventilator or watching someone struggle so if we can make any part of these moments easier, it is our duty to do so. Alberta has an abundance of innovative minds and this was the perfect way of utilizing everyone’s special skills for an amazing cause.”

–         Jason George, P.Eng., Vice-President, Catch Engineering

For full details, please visit: http://www.catchengineering.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Exergy-Release.pdf

28 Nov 2018

Catch Engineering Announces Peter Strickland as Vice President of Engineering

November 27, 2018, Calgary, Alta. – Catch Engineering is excited to announce the appointment of Peter Strickland in the role of Vice President of Engineering.

Strickland brings with him 25 years of Oil & Gas and Energy industry experience from working in boutique firms, up to mid and large size EPCs and fabrication operations. His mix of up front engineering design through to facility construction and support in multi discipline environments will bolster Catch’s rich experience and ability to fully service our clients.

Strickland was previously Vice President at Three Streams Engineering and has spent his career in the Calgary market. His skill in management and operations in the EPC environment will add breadth to our team.

Hartley Harris, President Catch Engineering says, “Peter is very well respected in the Calgary engineering community. We are excited about the energy and reputation he brings with him to help us grow.”

Outside of his work accomplishments, Strickland has been a career long supporter of the United Way and many other community building organizations. He is an active outdoorsman spending time biking or snowboarding in the mountains.

Inquiries please contact Joel Heal, Director of Business Development, Sales and Marketing.

Joel Heal
Catch Engineering
Director of Business Development, Sales and Marketing
(403) 836-1725


Catch Engineering is a privately owned consulting engineering company with a focus on delivering solutions to the energy and utilities industries. With head office in Calgary, Alberta, they offer innovative and practical solutions to meet customers’ infrastructure needs. Visit www.catchengineering.com for more information.

15 May 2017

Catch Engineering Awarded Engineering Documentation As-Building Project

May 15, 2017, Calgary, Alta. – Catch Engineering prides itself in producing jobs throughout the downturn. In doing so, Catch Engineering has been awarded an engineering documentation as-building project from a large Alberta based oil sands operator.

Hartley Harris, President Catch Engineering says, “Nearly 15,000 engineering documents will be received, updated and returned as part of this massive document management project.”

Catch Engineering was awarded this project because of the quality programming they have in place. Harris explains, “The highly skilled staff we have executing the project will provide the quality our clients have come to expect from us. We have continuously demonstrated excellence in all the work we do. Especially in the use of engineering tools such as Intergraph® SmartPlant which is a comprehensive product used to improve project execution, handover and plant operational efficiency. In conjunction with our high-value drafting partner, this has allowed us to be price competitive.”

Catch Engineering is a specialized consulting engineering services company. Delivering electrical, instrumentation, automation and telecommunications solutions to the energy and utilities industry. Catch Engineering engages with some of the most experienced and versatile people within the industry. As a versatile technology engineering company, Catch Engineering is able to secure a wide variety of suppliers to ensure they provide a tailored solution to meet the needs of each unique project challenge such as this, while maintaining the unparalleled quality of service.

Inquiries please contact Joel Heal, Business Development Manager.

Joel Heal
Catch Engineering
Business Development Manager
(403) 836-1725


Catch Engineering is a privately owned consulting engineering company with a focus on delivering electrical, instrumentation, automation and telecommunication solutions to the energy and utilities industries. With head office in Calgary, Alberta, they offer innovative and practical solutions to meet customers’ electrical-centric infrastructure needs. Visit
www.catchengineering.com for more information.

19 May 2016

Catch Engineering Sponsors Confront Cancer Ocean Row Across Atlantic Ocean

May 19, 2016, Calgary, Alta. — Catch Engineering is pleased to support Laval St. Germain’s Atlantic solo ocean expedition #ConfrontCancerOceanRow.St. Germain will leave the safety of the Halifax harbour and embark on a 4500 km solo row across the Atlantic Ocean commencing mid-June. Chad Smith, Executive Vice President with Catch Engineering says, “Laval is a remarkable athlete. The backbreaking work that he’ll be challenged with during this momentous adventure is extraordinary. Catch Engineering is thrilled to trouble-shoot (if) any electrical issues should come up on his journey.”

With the ability to communicate with St. Germain via satellite phone, it will make it easier for Catch Engineering to help out with any electrical or instrumentation challenges that he may encounter. Before the epic row, Catch Engineering had the opportunity to identify possible areas that could result in critical electrical failure. Equipment such as solar panels, batteries, chargers and wiring that St. Germain will rely on are going to be subject to extremely harsh conditions. Smith says, “Some of the electrical equipment on board is imperative to the success of his navigation. We’re confident in our team of electrical engineers who will be available during his trip to make sure he stays on track.”

St. Germain is a Calgary-based adventurer and outdoor athlete. In the real world he’s a husband, father and Boeing 737 captain for Canadian North Airlines. He’s also the only Canadian to have climbed Mt. Everest without the use of supplemental oxygen. He has climbed and skied off Iraq’s highest peak, cycled from the Arctic Ocean to Yukon in winter and – among other adventures – has climbed the highest mountains on six of the world’s seven continents.

This particular adventure is not only an extension of St. Germain’s passion to excel, it’s to raise funds and awareness toward the Alberta Cancer Foundation – with all money raised going to the Tom Baker Cancer Clinical Trials. Cancer has affected the Catch family. Smith says, “This is a way for us to honour our friends and colleagues whose lives have been touched with cancer. The more money invested in clinical trials means increased progress. With more money, more trials are funded and more people have access to life-saving treatments.”

Nicola O’Carroll Development Officer with The Alberta Cancer Foundation says, “We work to give all Albertans access to the best clinical trials without having to leave the province.” As 43 Albertans a day are diagnosed with cancer, Laval St. Germain says, “This row is a way for me to give back to my community, family and friends who are fighting.” Catch Engineering echoes the same sentiments.

Chad Smith
Executive Vice President, Catch Engineering


About Catch Engineering

Catch Engineering is a privately owned, specialized consulting engineering services company with a focus on delivering Electrical, Instrumentation, Automation and Telecommunication solutions to the energy and utilities industries. With a head office in Calgary, Alberta, they offer innovative and practical solutions to meet their customer’s electrical-centric infrastructure needs. For more information visit www.catchengineering.com.

About Alberta Cancer Foundation

Patients and families requiring cancer care in Alberta have access to the best cancer care available anywhere in the world today, and this is thanks in large part to the donors and supporters of the Alberta Cancer Foundation — the fundraising partner of the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton, the Tom Baker Cancer Centre in Calgary, and fifteen other cancer centres throughout the province. For more information, please contact Nicola O’Carroll, Development Officer, Events South, Alberta Cancer Foundation at 403-476-2672 or via email
nicola.ocarroll@albertacancer.ca Go to
https://albertacancer.ca/confrontcanceroceanrow to donate to Confront Cancer Ocean Row.

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