“There’s a way to do it better, we find it…”

Leader in providing the design and implementing of customized solutions that enable enterprises to operate safely while optimizing physical and process investments to meet business objectives.

  • Subject Matter Experts

    We are an engineering company specializing in energy usage, efficiency and production with expertise to suit.

  • Accountability Through Ownership

    Catch is driven by partners that are owners, line managers and technical subject matter experts.

  • Technology “Agnostic”

    Regardless of your software/ hardware we either have worked with it before, or know someone that has.

“We build towards an engineered future…”

Industry Engagement

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  • Conventional
  • Offshore Unconventional
  • Heavy Oil
  • SAGD
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  • Gas Processing
  • Compression & Gathering
  • Oil Processing
  • Refining
  • LNG
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  • Rail Loading
  • Truck Loading
  • Pipelines
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  • LNG Loading
  • Gas Distribution
  • Storage
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Power Generation

  • Behind the Fence
  • CoGeneration & Renewable
  • Watts to MegaWatts
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  • Pipelines
  • Utilities
  • Remote Facilities
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  • Power System Analysis
  • Insurance Investigation
  • Database Management

Catch Engineering Technical Capabilities

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Power Generation

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Renewable Energy

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Thermal & Heavy Oil Solutions

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Conventional Oil & Gas

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Midstream Solutions

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Engineering Data Solutions

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Telecommunications and Utility Infrastructure

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Refining and Retail Oil & Gas

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Insurance Claims and Investigations

  • “We find a way, or we make one”

About Catch

Catch Engineering has been built on one recurring principle – integrity.

The idea of Catch Engineering began in 2006 when the ability to find a reliable, independent, and effective source of specialized engineering services that focused on the Energy and Utility industries posed a significant challenge.

Building on the strengths of a highly-committed workforce, Catch Engineering was created to complete engineering and design projects for the energy industry at a level of service that was unavailable, and we continue to lead the industry today. By being dedicated to the delivery of value-added systems, exceeding customers’ expectations, and by continuing to meet the customers’ needs, we set the bar for other companies to follow.