The story of Catch Engineering begins at the intersection of a love of fishing and engineering.

A new kind of engineering firm was envisioned while fishing the world famous Bow River in the heart of Calgary. This new type of engineering firm was to be both client and employee focused, built around a purposeful culture, not focused on engineering hours, but value to the client in an environment that employees would grow and stay. The firm was centered around partnerships, integrity, and commitment to engineering excellence. This vision laid the foundation for Catch.

Catch has led by example in showing that true excellence in engineering comes from a seamless integration with client teams and a deep understanding of project needs. Our solutions guide project efficiency, embody smart cost management, and ensure safety and regulatory compliance. With each project, Catch Engineering aims to reduce internal management efforts for our clients, making project delivery as effortless as possible – allowing them to focus on what they do best.

Driven by the evolving needs of our clients, Catch has grown to offer a wide array of in-demand services, from regulatory navigation to the optimization of legacy equipment, and beyond. Our expansion into sectors like Midstream, Generation and Utilities, and Oil and Gas Operations has been fueled by our commitment to the integration of innovation, efficiency, and specialized solutions. In doing so, we’ve attracted top-tier talent, each bringing deep industry expertise to tackle complex challenges, making us a comprehensive resource for our clients.

At the heart of Catch Engineering’s ethos is integrity. From our inception, we have strived to exceed client expectations, setting new standards for quality and service in the engineering sector. As we’ve grown, our dedication to these principles has remained unwavering, allowing us to adapt and innovate while maintaining the high standards our clients have come to expect.

As we look to the future, our commitment to excellence and partnerships built with integrity remains strong. Together with our clients, we continue to forge a path towards engineering solutions that innovate and leads the industry forward.


At Catch Engineering, we value our people, culture, and relationships. We provide engineering services that exceed our client’s expectations and make them proud to do business with us by delivering innovation, quality, and trust.


To be a great engineering company recognized for our people, innovation, and capabilities.

Core Values

Catch Engineering Quality


Catch Engineering Integrity


Catch Engineering Reliability


Catch Engineering Intelligence


The Catch Engineering Difference

Catch Engineering has been built on one recurring principle – integrity.

The idea of Catch Engineering began in 2006. It was a time when finding a reliable, independent and effective source of specialized engineering services focused on the Energy and Utility industries posed a significant challenge.

Building on the strengths of a highly-committed workforce, Catch Engineering was created to complete engineering and design projects for the energy industry at an unavailable service level. We continue to lead the industry today. We set our standards high to deliver value-added systems and exceed customers’ expectations. And by continuing to exceed the customers’ needs, we set the bar for other companies to follow.

Although Catch Engineering has experienced incredible growth, our commitment to quality has not changed. Integrity is still at the center of everything we do. As our resources and services have expanded, so has our ability to innovate, adapt, and offer the same high standards and quality commitment to a wider range of projects. We build on the experience we gain from each project and ensure our customer’s expectations are exceeded.

As we continue to expand, we are committed to maintaining the unparalleled quality of service we offer our customers to deliver innovative and practical solutions to their design projects. Through this commitment, we will endeavour to become your partner of choice.

The Catch Engineering Culture

Culture is the backbone of our organization. Forward-thinking company culture is key to developing the attributes vital for an organization to succeed and prosper. The empowerment of our team is a primary underlying principle of the Catch culture. Also, our diverse and inclusive values work to encourage solidarity and respect.

We have pushed hard to develop and maintain a flexible, well-planned environment, further contributing to the health and well-being of our team. As a result, our employees are in it for the long term, enjoy coming to work and are proud to be a part of the Catch family!

Engagement With Our Community

The communities we work in at Catch Engineering are also where we serve. A considerable measure of our success can be found in our ability to act as community leaders and positively contribute to the places our team members call “home”. This goes beyond the simple provision of engineering and design services. Instead, we strive to give back to the industry, the community, and the profession at large.

Our specialized members regularly participate in and engage with many industry-centric organizations. In the process, they share their knowledge as subject matter experts and future leaders in their areas of expertise. At the same time, our culture and values encourage our team to get involved and support various community-oriented programs throughout Alberta.

Environmental Sustainability

Catch Engineering recognizes the importance of minimizing our impact on the environment. With this knowledge in hand, we endeavour to undertake environmental best practices in all that we do. We advocate for environmental awareness amongst our staff. Our team is empowered to contribute in an environmentally responsible manner.

We are firmly committed to ensuring that our procedures and policies not only safeguard the environment but also undertake to deliver improvements wherever possible. Our obligation to the environment extends to our staff, clients, and the communities in which we operate.

Health and Safety

Catch Engineering employees are our most important resource. We take responsibility for their health and well-being seriously, both on and off the job. Safety is one of our core values – it is a non-negotiable for our team. Every team member is dedicated to maintaining a culture of safety, accountability, and diligence.

For each project, our team is equipped with the proper tools, empowering autonomy and the overarching goal of upholding our unrelenting safety standards. As a result, Catch Engineering has consistently received superior scores in our COR™ safety audits and maintained a zero-recorded injuries or lost-time incidents rating since our inception.