This year has started as a banner year for our team here at Catch Engineering. Between rapid ongoing growth and lots more still in the works, for the weeks and months to come, the future has never really looked brighter or fuller of opportunity organization-wide than it does today. As Catch Engineering grows in its mission to provide innovative, industry-leading engineering solutions, it will require expert-driven leadership to ensure its continued success. 

With this in mind, Catch Engineering is pleased to announce that Hartley Harris will be shifting from his current role as President to assume the mantle of Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately. 

As an original founding leader of Catch Engineering, Hartley is uniquely qualified to navigate the organization into a bold new era of forward-thinking engineering and next-level client service. 

More than that, this role will allow Hartley to capitalize on his innate ability to create an environment at Catch that promotes next-level performance and positive team member morale – two human-centric factors critical to the business’s ongoing success.

“My goal is to help Catch continue to be a top-tier engineering company recognized for our people, our innovation, and our capabilities,” Hartley stated in his new role. “I look forward to contributing to that effort in my new capacity as CEO by working to identify organizational opportunities, building new business alliances and partnerships, and continuing to provide thoughtful, inspired leadership companywide.”

Congratulations on your new role as CEO, Hartley – Catch Engineering couldn’t ask for a better, more fearless leader to continue guiding it forward to success. 


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