Our expertise starts with our accomplished teams in order to provide you with the best possible compliance and verification needed for your project. Working hand-in-hand with clients located in remote or restricted job sites across the globe, we support all challenges and obstacles faced during the final stages of your project. 

Whether you currently have a compliance and verification program in place, or you need to use one of our templates, or perhaps you want us to create a custom program especially tailored for you. We can help!

Compliance and Verification

Ensuring Your Compliance Project is On Track

We know your project is important. This is why we make sure your project is tested, verified and commissioned as much as possible before it is put into service. Statistics prove that it is more expensive to complete rework and fixes in the field, not to mention it will push your schedule out.

Transforming during the final stages of a project from design to something you can touch, can be a complex integration. But we believe this is the best part of the project as you get to see the original design come to life! If the proper compliance and verification steps are applied to each phase of the project, complex projects can be broken down into manageable pieces.

We identify the standards, regulations and industry’s best practices that are most suitable for your type of project and apply these rules to ensure you get the best quality, functionality and efficiencies from your project.

Primary support involves:

  • QA/QC Compliance
  • Function Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Equipment Evaluations, Validation, and Verifications
  • Manufacturer Witness Testing
  • Troubleshooting
  • Commissioning
  • HAZOPs
  • Drawing As-Builts and Redlines
  • Code Reviews, Inspections, and Compliance
  • Onsite Construction Management
  • Client Representative

It may not be the most glamorous role, but we love to ensure the quality and compliance of your project.

“Catch has a versatile team with a range of expertise, who are friendly and professional.”

Willem H du Toit – Enmax

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