Businesses across all industries have been forced to evaluate their priorities and be more cautious with their financial budgets in 2020— and the energy and utility sector is no exception.

Oil and gas, petrochemical, mining and electrical companies are all reassessing their immediate and future needs in an effort to remain viable in the wake of COVID-19.

At Catch Engineering, we completely understand the concerns our clients are grappling with at this time, which is why we are dedicated to providing them with sound professional insight. We want our clients to make informed decisions with regards to engineering project planning so they can both maintain fiscal sustainability and set themselves up for maximum cost-efficiency in the future.

It may seem like the best approach to weathering 2020 is to stick our proverbial heads in the sand—but that isn’t necessarily the case.

The present is an excellent time to set a strong foundation for the future. And that is exactly why you may want to start planning engineering projects for 2021.

Here are the Benefits of Planning Engineering Projects During Economic Downtimes:

1.Long-Term Efficiency

Some projects really do pay for themselves in a relatively short amount of time. Power generation projects, for example, can be an extremely worthwhile investment. In Alberta, electricity is considerably more expensive than natural gas, so investing in natural gas generators and their supporting systems is always a wise investment.

While these projects will put a temporary dent in your pocket, they’ll provide a return rather quickly and you’ll be happy you made the move when business was slower, as we all know how costly shutdowns can be.

2.Identifying Ideal Solutions

Planning engineering projects in advance also provides companies with the necessary time to research and analyze potential solutions. Too often, projects are planned reactively rather than proactively, which can force companies to choose the quickest solution— even if it isn’t necessarily the best long-term approach.

At Catch Engineering, our team has extensive experience helping clients not only plan the logistics of their engineering projects but also the economics, so they can feel confident they are moving forward with the best plan for their circumstances.

3.Leaner Project Management Requirements

A major aspect of financial planning for engineering projects is manpower. When projects progress quickly, it can lead to staffing inefficiencies, which can burn through budgets at an alarming rate.

By thoughtfully planning your project ahead of time, you can examine which human resources are absolutely essential and which can be reduced or eliminated.

Do you really need a project manager and a project engineer? A designer and a drafter? The best time to ask these questions is before your project begins!

Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

Don’t let 2020 put you out of the race. Start planning engineering projects for 2021 and capitalize on the components that are within your control.

The more time you dedicate to planning considerations, cost estimating, and designing now, the faster you’ll be able to hit the ground running when the time is right.

Plus, being prepared minimizes the likelihood of unexpected shutdowns and other major setbacks.

Let’s make sure your engineering project planning is 100% dependable.

How We Can Help

As one of the leading Calgary engineering firms specializing in the Energy and Utility sectors, we bring a wealth of first-hand experience and industry expertise to the table.

We also offer end-to-end engineering services, meaning we can handle each phase of your project in the most optimized and efficient way.  Our team of engineers, designers, drafters, and automation specialists are committed to keeping project teams productive and maximizing manpower in the most profitable manner for our clients.

Ultimately, we are a small firm that takes a personal approach to each project we take on. We’ll work with you to develop a personalized plan that exceeds all expectations. Plus, we’ll do all the legwork! From deliverables and costs to scheduling, documents, resources and permits— you don’t have to lift a finger.

If you’re looking for a Calgary engineering firm that will work hand-in-hand with you to set your future engineering projects up for success, we believe we’re the right choice for you. Why not request more info and learn more about the options that are available to you? 


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