Capturing the Right Solutions for Your Production Needs

Production is the basis of industry – especially in the energy and oil and gas sectors. That’s why Catch prides itself in maintaining a seasoned staff armed with expertise in wellsite facility design, construction, and optimization. Well-versed in the entire production process, our team will support you from initial conception, running through to actual, realized production.

Services and Capabilities for Production Results

Whether you require a single well tie-in, a multi-well pad design, or an entire field infrastructure development plan, we’ll offer practical solutions based around your unique requirements.

Conception and implementation of wellsite facilities solutions

  • Sand management,
  • Effluent measurement or multi-phase separation,
  • Tankage and storage,
  • Pumps,
  • Wellsite compression, and
  • Specialized processes including dehydration and sweetening units.

Wellsite efficiency development

  • Standardization of design and equipment, and
  • Retaining expandability and scalability.

Design and optimization of local gas and liquids gathering systems

  • Pipeline modeling,
  • Centralized compression solutions,
  • Liquid hold-up optimization, and
  • Pigging management.

Complete injection and disposal solutions

  • Reservoir pressure maintenance,
  • Elimination of post-frac flow-back elimination,
  • Removal of production water, and/or
  • Reduction of residue acid gas.

Regulatory and environmental compliance

  • Built into design and execution process,
  • Ensure safety of personnel, and
  • Operability with long-term flexibility from onset.

“REEL in the excellence, CAPTURE the expertise.” – Catch Engineering