Effectively Getting Your Product to Where It Needs to Be

Solving your production transportation needs begins with a devoted team. Specifically, engineering and design experts well-versed in applying direct operational learnings to design focused and effective solutions. Use our expertise to support your business with its needs, such as local gathering systems, centralized compression or pump stations, and long-distance trunk-lines.

Customizable Transportation Services and Capabilities

Full hydraulic modeling for pipeline networks
  • Support all sizes of networks,
  • Optimize flow paths,
  • Improve throughput.
Operations-oriented pipeline optimization
  • Improve pigging,
  • Reduce corrosion mitigation, and
  • Enhance inspection.
Tailored centralized compression stations
  • Meet capacity and compositional needs, Mining
  • Gas or electric drive machines, and
  • Reciprocating or screw compressors.
Optimization of flow control
  • Enhanced through logic and valving,
  • Expertise on measurement,
  • Advanced knowledge of flow-splitting, and
  • Best practices for custody transfer.
Broad knowledge of regulatory compliance requirements
  • Improve critical leak detection,
  • Develop leak prevention strategies,
  • Ensure flow balancing, and
  • Flow mass monitoring.

With Catch, you receive commitment in getting your product where it needs to be, when it needs to be there, in as efficient a manner as possible.

“REEL in the excellence, CAPTURE the expertise.” – Catch Engineering