Diversity of discipline is key to our culture at Catch – particularly when it comes to our investigation services. We are a broad group of practical experts ranging from knowledgeable field installation personnel to accomplished engineering PhDs.

Using this wide breadth of industry-leading experience, we can perform in-depth exploration and testing on your behalf in incident and insurance investigation, troubleshooting to mitigate and identify issues and code analysis.

Catch Engineering

Investigation with Catch’s Diverse Expertise

We offer various services to ensure you receive the proper solutions to perform reliable testing and investigations within your project and business scope.

Incident Investigation

We provide industry-leading subject matter specialists for owner, adjuster, and insurer organizations. Together, we’ll investigate and gather factual information about an incident, allowing us to perform a Root Cause Analysis and provide an authenticated, fact-based report to document the results. We have experience providing replacement or refurbishment costs and are well-versed in scheduling estimates to support our findings. In addition, we can provide legal testimony to support and corroborate our findings when needed.


Our in-house team of experts is qualified and ready to perform on- and offsite Electrical, Instrumentation, Control, Automation Programming, Telecommunication, IT / OT, Process, and Mechanical troubleshooting inquests. Behind our investigative process is a focus on life safety and equipment preservation. Here, we efficiently pinpoint the troublesome root cause promptly and effectively, ensuring you are back up and operating with minimal downtime to save your business money. Then, post-troubleshooting, we work with your team to determine the most effective solution to get you to facilitate a safe and steady return to nominal operation.

  • Insurance Investigation
  • Incident Investigation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Code Analysis

Investigating, analyzing and reporting. That is a fun time for our subject matter experts!

“Catch has been a reliable service provider meeting our engineering project needs with good communication and quality deliverables. They have met our expectations for cost, schedule with approachable personnel.”

David Kelly – Enmax

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