Whether an endeavour is large or small, single, or multi-disciplinary, or anywhere in between, we have the people and tools to keep your engineering projects on track. We ensure objectives are understood and met, timelines are managed, costs are maintained, and there is clear communication with all stakeholders.

We approach every project with the client’s specifications front and centre. We provide the resources best suited to the project, integrate all components into our project management processes and have a dedicated Project Manager working on your project from start to finish.

Keeping Engineering Projects on Track

Smart, forward-thinking planning is key to the success of any project. Catch Engineering manages all deliverables, costs, scheduling, documents, resources, and more using a robust in-house and industry-wide suite of tools. From the outset of a project to the final invoice, detailed project management and tight controls are put in place for deliverables to be produced accurately and handled effectively. 

We believe that guiding change and managing expectations is paramount to all projects. Nearly every project has the potential for alterations between initiation and completion. Effectively managing these changes is key to a successful project outcome. 

Our team works hard to provide consistent, ongoing communication, ensuring no surprises upon project execution. Regular stakeholder reporting and roundtable meetings keep our collaborative team informed of project goals and requirements. Internally, we scrutinize costs and KPIs to keep plans on track and provide early notification of discrepancies. These practices enable us to address obstacles and minimize project completion risks proactively.

  • Project Management
  • Execution Plan
  • Quality Plan
  • DBM
  • Reporting
  • Effective change management
  • KPIs
  • Cost Control
  • Scheduling
  • Squad checks
  • Risk Management
  • Construction Management

Our team is ready to crunch numbers, analyze milestones and manage every aspect of your next project. Trust us – they love this stuff!

“Catch has been a reliable service provider meeting our engineering project needs with good communication and quality deliverables. They have met our expectations for cost, schedule with approachable personnel.”

David Kelly – Enmax

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