Chad Smith


Executive Vice-President

Chad is one of the original founders of the Catch Engineering organization. His current responsibilities include providing oversight of company operations including the management of organization resources and utilization. Chad started his electrical career more than 20 years ago in the construction industry as an electrician. After becoming a seasoned Master Electrician with international experience, he continued to strive for his next challenge by working in the design group alongside engineering. After obtaining a Project Management certificate and becoming an Electrical Safety Codes Officer, he continued to push his career further as an electrical lead on several oil and gas projects.

Today, Chad is focused on managing the enabling factors that allow Catch Engineering to effectively deliver on project commitments. One of Chad’s core focuses includes the management of Catch Engineering’s Safety Program. Chad continues to have a strong connection with electrical construction activities, providing leadership direction in field services activities including construction management and technical guidance.

“REEL in the excellence, CAPTURE the expertise.” – Catch Engineering