Benjamin Heninger, P.Eng.

Business Development

Benjamin Heninger

Fun Facts

Favourite Activity:
Be outside

Favourite Place:

First CD:
Lenny Kravitz – Mama Said

Superpower of Choice:
The ability to fly.

Favourite thing about Catch:
The culture

I have made a career of entrepreneurial adventure. I have had the opportunity to build and lead teams of professionals in the commercial, industrial, and electrical utility industries across Western Canada. Having an aptitude for creating connections and relationships with people has given way to a natural career as a business development professional and multiple companies’ Founder on my entrepreneurial journey.

I founded my professional career around building dynamic teams of professionals while managing client expectations using project management as my foundational skillset. Attention to detail and insistence on stakeholder engagement and satisfaction has elevated me into leadership roles and enabled me to execute various complex projects to the highest customer satisfaction levels.

I have extensive experience with a wide variety of projects, from the complex decommissioning of existing facilities to the planning, siting, and construction of new linear, commercial, and industrial developments. My knowledge base is rooted in strategic planning, business development, risk management, and project management.

My tenure and associated lesson learned as a business owner has elevated my desire to advise and mentor clients on creating operational efficiencies, business stability, and enhancing cultural perspective within their organizations. I offer my clients an objective perspective and challenge their business administration policies, operational procedures, development of corporate culture and branding to achieve better alignment with core values and corporate mission statement.