Chad Smith, S.C.O

Executive Vice President

Chad Smith

Fun Facts

Favourite Activity:
Hiking in the mountains

Favourite Place:
The beach

First CD:
U2 – The Joshua Tree

Superpower of Choice:
Seeing into the future

Favourite thing about Catch:
Positive, supportive environment

Chad Smith is a problem solver who is driven daily by the challenges and forward-thinking solutions that come along with engineering designs and builds. He loves to create things and is driven by the process of a project coming to life – from the design stage on paper to the construction of foundational supports right through to the final piece of equipment being turned on.

This passion motivated Chad to take his first steps into the industry as an Electrician. With a commitment to lifelong learning, Chad spent the next 30 years accruing real-world experience, working on countless job sites across the globe as he continued to expand his knowledge, evolve his skill set, and educate himself on the industry. This experiential growth took him from the field to the boardroom and back again, overseeing construction projects from ideation to completion – and everything in between.

Chad pinpointed a gap in the industry. He realized the connective bridge between engineering and construction was missing on many projects, creating unnecessary issues. This realization became a full-fledged business plan in 2006 when Chad founded Catch Engineering with Hartley Harris. They knew they had a unique opportunity to improve the progression of projects and the result for clients.

As Catch has grown, Chad’s role has evolved and expanded, but his commitment to client relationships has remained unchanged. His genuine, authentic connection with clients and industry partners has been the focal point for everything he does at Catch and has contributed significantly to its continuing growth and positive reputation. 

As Executive Vice President of Catch Engineering, Chad oversees many of Catch’s daily operations – including code and compliance provisions, client project management, and the company’s robust employee-centric Safety Program. In addition to these responsibilities, Chad also maintains a strong connection with construction management in the field, providing leadership direction to ongoing projects and technical guidance to fellow team members.