David Grossklaus

Automation Manager

David Grossklaus

Fun Facts

Favourite Activity:

Favourite Place:
Still Googling… might not be on this planet.

First CD:
CD? You mean LP, right? Is that 33 or 45?

Superpower of Choice:
Another superhero power? So many to deal with already…

Favourite thing about Catch:
We are friends and family.

David joined Catch Engineering in early 2012 as the Manager of the Instrumentation and Automation group, where he was responsible for providing strategic direction and growth and achieving service excellence with the team. As the Automation Manager, he is highly engaged and involved in ensuring technical excellence is provided for each and every project.

David is a North American Electrical and Automation industry veteran with over 33 years of experience, including R&D works such as TAGD technologies and surface well reporting. David began his career as an electrician with instrumentation and migrated to automation design and engineering in the late 1980s. He has been involved in engineering and programming some of the largest key assets for various Oil and Gas producers globally until 2003, when he became the leader of the RAC. Clients rely on David’s strong skills and expertise in control system upgrades of various sizes – in many cases, without stopping production. Current projects continue in various aspects of the Oil and Gas industry, including renewable resources and green power solutions.