Travis Conner, P.ENG.

Electrical Engineer/Project Lead

Travis Connor

Fun Facts

Favourite Activity:
Watching the Vancouver Canucks lose every year

Favourite Place:
Hayden Block Smoke & Whiskey

First CD:
The Offspring – Conspiracy of One

Superpower of Choice:
The ability to function on 2 hours of sleep or less

Favourite thing about Catch:
The people

Travis joined Catch Engineering in 2018 as an electrical engineer with experience in oil & gas facilities, power generation, and control systems design. Holding professional engineering designations in Alberta, BC, and Saskatchewan, he is responsible for leading a multitude of different projects executed across Western Canada. In addition to his design experience, Travis also specializes in Hazardous Area Classification studies and reports. Travis enjoys serving in a mentorship role at Catch, using his 10+ years of experience to train and advise junior engineers & designers.